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The TrailChasers Podcast

Each week we talk to companies, enthusiasts, and regular people in the offroad and overland communities. We sprinkle in a healthy dose of tangents that cover all kinds of other topics. If you like offroading with your friends, you will love this show.

Apr 12, 2019

Cody had the opportunity to go up to #bigbear and test the @nexentireusa #roadianmtx tires on some really fun trails. This episode is the interviews that he did while on the trail run and next week will will go in to the details of the trip. Thank you to Nexen for allowing us to participate in the event, we really appreciate it.

  • Paul Jpo from Nexen
  • Don Alexander from the Jeep 4x4 Training School
  • Desi Haur from the Big Bear Jeep Experience
  • Quinn Thomas from All J Products
  • MIke Felland
  • Jonathan Castro
  • Fredric Osbo
  • Dan Sommer
  • Emelia Hartford
  • Rich Klein
  • Dave Karey